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Jasmin Riccius

Rally Rider for Solarys Racing


29.06 - 30.06. Motorally Foligno (PG)

Planning for 2024 ongoing



Birth Date & Place

29.06.1991, Germany


Luzern, Switzerland


Project Management


  • Italian Raid TT Championship 2023: 1st

  • Italian Motorally Championship 2023: 2nd

  • Wild Woods Extreme Bronze 2023: 2nd

  • Hellas Rally 2023: 5th overall (after day 4)

  • Italian Motorally & Raid TT Pieve di Teco 2022: 1st

  • Hellas Rally 2022: 2nd

  • Rally du Maroc 2021:​ 3rd

  • Italian Motorally & Raid TT Championship 2021: 1st

  • Red Bull Romaniacs Iron 2021: 30th overall

  • Hellas Rally 2021: 1st (8th 450 class)

  • Swiss Enduro Championship 2019:​​ 3rd


After an intensive year of training, I am stronger and faster than ever. It fills me with joy to be taking part in the Italian Motorally & Raid TT Championship again. With Solarys Racing I have a highly experienced and fast team behind me, with whom I am aiming for victory in the women's category and a good overall result.

The long-term goal "Dakar 2026" determines my whole year. Four full training days on the bike and many hours of sport fill the weeks. To increase the speed on sand and in dunes, I will spend as much time as possible in Africa.

Before I tackle the Dakar, I will be taking part in the Africa Eco Race in January 2025. A race that follows the original Dakar route, with 12 stages through 5 countries over 6000 kilometres.

Until then, I will also be taking part in the Transanatolia Rally and other international rallies during 2024. The planning has not yet been finalised.



As a late starter on the motorcycle, I was told what all I can not do. But what they did not know: "Everything is jessible"! I'm a person who does everything with 100% focus and passion, because that's how I get the most enjoyment out of it and anything else would be a waste of life for me.

The Dakar is the ultimate race for me with the demands on driving skills, navigation, management of energy reserves as well as the mental challenges.

The Dakar is a race where you can never predict what will happen, what result you can achieve or if you will even finish the 14 days and 8000 km race. My goal is to prepare as well as possible. That's why I don't want to rush into anything, and I want to see my training through to 2025.

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To perfect navigation and increase speed, I will participate in the Italian Motorally & Raid TT Championship in 2024 and 2025.

I will spend several weeks in the desert of Morocco, Tunisia and Abu Dabi, focusing on reading dunes and keeping a good speed in deep sand.

Whenever possible I will take the chance to participate in races of the FIM Europe TT Rally Cup rallies as well as the Baja European Championship for high speed training.


There will be two races of the FIM World Rally-Raid Championship in which I will participate in order to qualify for the Dakar.


March 2025

One of the most prestigious international cross-country rallies in the world. A five-day race with over 2000 km and 100 m high dunes. A race that gives riders a good taste of a typical Dakar week.


October 2024 & 2025

Morocco, the country of the Rally Raid, offers a great variety of terrain. The 1600km special stage will be completed in five days of racing. With difficult navigation and demanding routes, this is the last chance to prove that I'm ready for the big Dakar Rally. I have already finished 3rd in 2021.

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Dakar always takes place in January. At the moment it is not yet clear where Dakar 2026 will take place, because it usually changes the country every 5 years and there is no official announcement until today.

What we do know is that we will have around 14 days of riding and more than 5000km of special stage with a high percentage of dunes. In addition, there will be up to 450km of connecting roads every day, which will result in an estimated 10 hours or more of riding time per day.

I'll start in the Rally2 class with a service team behind me. This gives me more time to rest, a lower risk of crashes and I can concentrate on maintaining a good speed.

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Rallies fascinate people all over the world. The Dakar Rally, for example, gets huge attention with over 1 billion TV viewers from 190 countries. By becomming a Sponsor you will boost the visibility of your company thanks to the different communication tools available: TV, Website, Social Networks, local and international press.

Even away from the big events and throughout my entire Road to Dakar, you will find regular articles on social networks and newspapers like In addition, there will be dedicated promotions on my channels to put your brand and products in the spotlight.


It is important for me to be able to give something back. I want my partners to enter into a collaboration that adds value for them. How about a speaker or stunt driver for your next corporate event or trade show? Maybe a personal training session or a tour in the desert as an incentive for your employees?

Let's get in touch and talk about ideas!

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Media coverage in Europe and around the world:
1600 hours of media coverage in 190 countries


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