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Usually, the story begins at a young age, when the kid starts riding, becomes better and starts winning competitions.


My story is different. When I was close to my 25th birthday, I was searching for a new hobby. Something that brings me out of my apartment and something that needs skills that are not easy to master. Thanks to a motorbike riding friend, I was able to try his BMW 1200 GS Adventure.

I tried and smashed it on the ground, just 5 meters later. We lifted it up, I tried again. It was just working well and I loved it!

A few weeks later I was sitting on my first own bike. I started riding every day, to perfect my cornering techniques. Because of an unlucky condition I crashed at the end of the year and break my collarbone. Time to stop riding - it’s dangerous!? No... I took all my money and exchanged the bike: KTM 1290 Super Duke R (2.0) and continued chasing corners the following year in Germanys Black Forest.

And there will be mud: Finally, I got the opportunity to spend some enduro holiday in Romania. Best place to start riding off-road - especially when it is raining waterfalls all week. The guide asked me "Jess, what’s your off-road experience?". And my over motivated self-confidence answered "Nothing, but you will for sure not have to wait for me!". You know how the story goes: I was unable to ride and dropped the bike 20 times at the first 500 meters in that muddy hell. The group was watching and laughing - I know, I deserved that. Then the guide started telling me how to ride: cover the clutch, weight on foot pegs and so on. At the end of the week, I was no longer the slowest - I was able to follow the group and already better than some of my experienced friends.

First stop back home (after lending some money) was my local KTM dealer, where I bought a 300 EXC TPI. Because there are very limited training opportunities in Switzerland it took a few months till I was able to start riding. I booked a few group trainings, learned, and was always frustrated, when I tried the new techniques back home - because it was not working under changed conditions! I decided to analyze my riding and the riding of good riders: If they can do it, i can do it - solo training started.

During training holiday, I found some very good friends in Italy that offer enduro tours (SudEstRaid). I started helping as a guide and people began to ask me for training - the Swiss Motorcycle Academy was born.

Beside of this I was competing in the Swiss Enduro Championship and also racing my first extreme enduro race (Arsenal Enduro) in Romania.

I had a few crashes, hurt both wrists and was not riding much in 2020 because of COVID.

At the beginning of 2021, my very good friend Enrica Perego asked me if I want to try Rally. I competed for Old Farm Racing and finished my first races very well.

It was time to try a bigger rally and I registered for Hellas Rally in Greece witch I finish 14th overall, 8th in 450 class and 1st with 2-hour lead in women class.

At the end of the year, I could look back on two championship wins that gave me the ultimate push to dedicate all my life to this sport.

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